K - 12 Admissions

TLA Online offers flexible programs and courses directed by BC-certified teachers.

TLA Online is a Group 1 Online Learning Independent School that supports families and students with a variety of educational options leading to a Dogwood diploma and graduation.

Please provide information for the primary applicant below. The primary applicant is the person in charge of the application. They will be responsible for filling out all required fields and uploading supporting documentation. They will also serve as the primary contact for the application. In most cases, the primary applicant will refer to the parent or guardian, but for adult students, the primary applicant may be the student.

Please create only one application. You will be emailed a link to access your application and create new applications for other students. Completing this form more than once will result in duplicate applications, which may delay your application's process.

Primary Applicant (Parent or Guardian) Information

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